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Jeju Cruise opens Korea-China-Japan car-ferry service
Monday, January 09, 2012, 10:22:27 Paul Yoon
A car-ferry service opens at the end of coming March at the earliest, starting from Jeju of Korea for Shanghai of China and Moji in Kyushu of Japan at a triangle. Jeju Provincial Government (JPG) speedily announced in a release dated Jan. 3 on “7 Core Advanced Maritime Service Projects” with a focus on the said international car-ferry service inauguration on the new route scheduled for coming March.

The international car-ferry service JPG reported is the project which Chung Jung-Min, president of Jeju Cruise Line Co., Ltd. (Jeju Cruise), one of a few Korean ferry players, has aggressively pursued over the last two years to provide the cruising service for Korea-China-Japan linking Jeju with Shanghai and Moji. Jeju Cruise plans to deploy two car-ferries of 30,000grt each capable of accommodating 730 passengers with container load of 280-teu for the service.

Jeju Cruise has gained major investors with two BBCHP agreements already signed with Greek owners for two 30,000gt car-ferries on Dec. 22 last year. These ferry ships will be taken over from Greece at the end of Jan. this year and reach Busan by Feb. 24 for one month remodeling works and will have inauguration service ceremonies on coming March 20.

Jeju Cruise’s partners are Jeju Tourist Corp., state-run CITS of China, Moji Line and others who have not only agreed to invest but also provide supports for booking passengers and cargoes. The partnerships raise the possibility of the rapid service stabilization as well as of the successful service.

JPG is actively providing its supports for the kick-off of the said ferry service which is expected to ship agro-fishery and cattle products for exports directly to China and Japan from Jeju. For the service is not only expected to enhance its competitiveness by saving logistic cost for the direct shipments but also to induce overseas tourists as well as to create new jobs, possibly producing added values of above KW 20 billion on an annual basis.

Meantime, Jeju Cruise has finally secured two ferry ships and has obtained the government permits for use of the berthing terminals and infra-facilities. It is also presently taking procedures to employ necessary manpower and to obtain a final government license for the said ferry service. A Jeju Cruise insider said: “The most difficult part of the project which was expected to be securing ferry ships has been successfully completed. Once we obtain the ferry license from the MLTM of Korea and the Ministry of Transport, China, we will be fully geared up for the car-ferry service opening. We target the service opening on upcoming March 20.”
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