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Big 4 shipbuilders stay dominant in August
Domination sustained unchanged as in July
Friday, September 30, 2011, 09:10:19 Paul Yoon
Amid the shipbuilding market staying now in doldrums, Korea’s major shipbuilding players continue to dominate the global market.

According to Clarkson Research’s latest tally, Hyundai Heavy (Hyundai), Samsung Heavy (Samsung), Daewoo Shipbuilding (Daewoo), STX Shipbuilding (STX), Hyundai Mipo Dockyard (HMD) came to the first place through 5th in order in terms of the backlog on hand at the end of last August. They are followed by Sundong Shipbuilding (Sungdong) in the 9th place, by SPP Shipbuilding (SPP) in 13th and Hanjin Shipbuilding (Hanjin) in 15th. The placing in backlog orders for August stays same as in July.

Hyundai including Hyundai Samho Shipyard retains the world’s 1st place with Aug. backlog posting 274 vessels of 10.683m cgt, followed by Samsung in the 2nd with 206 vessels of 9.567m cgt. The 3rd place went to Daewoo with 193 vessels of 8.729m cgt.

STX came to 4th place with 294 vessels of 6.663m cgt, followed by HMD in the 5th with 228 vessels of 4.1m cgt. Sungdong logged 9th place with 2.365m cgt while SPP recorded 13th with 2.189m cgt and Hanjin, 15th with 1.972m cgt respectively.

By individual shipyard, Samsung’s Geoje Shipyard retained the world’s 1st place for the 6th consecutive month in August in terms of the backlog, followed by Daewoo’s Okpo Shipyard in the 2nd with 175 vessels of 8.203m cgt, while Hyuundai’s Ulsan Shipyard achieved the 3rd with 156 vessels of 6.154m cgt. Thereafter, STX’s Jinhae Shipyard posted the 4th with 151 vessels of 4.08m cgt, followed by Hyundai’s Samho Shipyard in the 5th with 96 vessels of 3.767m cgt.

The 6th place went to HMD with 202 vessels of 3.679m cgt, the 8th to Sungdong’s Tonyeong Shipyard with 85 vessels of 2.365m cgt, and the 12th to Hanjin’s Subic Shipyard with 51 vessels of 1.801m cgt. In addition, STX’s Dalian Shipyard achieved the 16th place with 73 vessels of 1.494m cgt while SPP’s Sacheon Shipyard recorded the 23rd with 52 vessels of 1.074m cgt.

Next, Hyundai’s Gunsan Shipyard comes to the 35th with 761,000 cgt, followed by Shina SB’s Tongyeong Shipyard in the 36th with 754,000cgt, and SPP’s Goseong Shipyard in the 51st with 578,000 cgt. Meantime, Daewoo’s Mangalia Shipyard recorded the 63rd with 492,000 cgt with Daesun Shipyard placed in the 72nd with 423,000 cgt, HMD’s Vinashin Shipyard in the 73rd with 422,000 cgt and STX’s Europe France Cruise in the 91st with 316,000 cgt.

Those shipyards placed beyond the 100th are Daehan Shipyard in the 106th with 252,000 cgt, Sekwang’s Mokpo Shipyard in the 120th with 173,000 cgt, Hanjin’s Youngdo Shipyard in the 121st with 171,000 cgt, and 21st Century Shipbuilding in the 133rd with 139,000 cgt respectively.

Hyundai and Samsung which were placed on the first and second showed the difference of 1.048m cgt in the backlog in July which grew wider to 1.155m cgt in August. But Samsung dominantly outperformed Hyundai in LNG carrier backlog order for 17 ships received this year alone. The two shipbuilding players look like vying fiercely for the 1st place.

On the other hand, Hyundai’s Ulsan Shipyard ended up securing two LNG carriers of 155k class only in August as it failed to clinch the big contract for 5 boxships of 13,000-teu from Hyundai Merchant Marine due to its strained relation, while keeping the 3rd place in backlog for the 3rd consecutive month. However, thanks to Hyundai Samho Shipyard’s steady order figure, Hyundai Heavy retains the 1st place in the world. Hyundai Heavy, diversified into industrial plant, construction and energy sectors, has no big meaning in its ranking for shipbuilding alone.
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