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Lee E. Sun Chairman Global Enterprises to win Gold Tower
Korea to celebrate 16th World Ocean Day
Thursday, May 26, 2011, 11:26:42 Paul Yoon

Lee E. Sun, Chairman of Global Enterprises, a leading Korean port operating firm, is honored to win a Gold Tower, Order of Industrial Service Merit on the coming Korea’s 16th World Ocean Day.

MLTM announced on May 24 that it has ascertained a list of total 58 awardees including Chairman Lee E. Sun and 7 other persons to win Orders of Merits, 11 persons to win Medals of Honor, 19 persons to get Presidential Citation and 20 persons to receive Prime Minister’s Citation in celebration of the Korea’s 16th World Ocean Day.

Chairman Lee E. Sun founded Korea Shipping Co., Ltd. in 1960 in awareness of the importance of Korea’s shipping and port operation businesses at a dawning era of Korea’s industrial modernization followed by the establishment of Global Enterprises in 1965 as a port operating firm through which he played an increasingly pivotal role in lifting up Korean ports to the global hub through the successful inducement of Maersk Line, Hapag-Lloyd, Yang Ming Line and others. So Chairman Lee is honored to win a Gold Tower, Order of industrial Service Merit, in recognition of his excellent service merit as said.

Besides Chairman Lee, Moon Choong-Do, President of Ilsan Shipping, a coastal shipping player, is also honored to win a Bronze Tower, Order of Industrial Service Merit; Kim Seok-joo, Leader of Korea East Coast Harbor Longshoremen Union, an Iron Tower, Order of Industrial Service Merit; Baek Won-Kyung, a lighthouse keeper in the 3rd consecutive generation of his family and working as a 7th grade official in technical post at Pyeongtaek Port, Aquamarine Stripes, Order of Service Merit.

In addition, J. H. Yeom, Chairman of Korea Shipbrokers Association, Lee Yoon-Jae, Chairman of Busan Marine Industry Association, Young-Kee Chon, head of Technical Support Division in Korea Register of Shipping and others are to win Medals of Honor. Meantime Ko Dug-Jin, General Directorate of Planning and Administration Division in Korea Shipping Association, Lee Hyun-Taek, Director, Sea Explorers of Korea, Chang Si-Yoon, Director of Korea Maritime Dangerous Goods Inspection Center and others are to receive Presidential Citation while S. C. Lee, President and CEO of Shin Shin Corp., Bae In-Gyun, President of BIDC, Seo Sang-Seok, Director of Ssang Yong Shipping and others are to win Prime Minister’s Citation.

MLTM observed that on this occasion it focused on selecting and commending those people who have been hard working without being previously recognized in differentiation from its previous selection standard.

Meantime, the Korea’s World Ocean Day, that was adopted to advise Korean people of the importance of the world ocean and to inspire the Korean youth with the pioneer spirit for the ocean development, will mark 16th anniversary on coming May 31 this year at Hwajinpo Seaside Resort, Gangwon Province under the pledge of “Let’s go to the Ocean! Let’s meet the future!”

The commemoration of the Korea’s 16th World Ocean Day will be attended by 2,500 people related with maritime affairs in presence of Chung Jong-Hwan, Minister of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs, Choi Moon-Soon, Governor of Gwangwon Province, Hwang Jong-Kook, Governor of Goseong County in Gwangwon Province and others. The ceremony will be held to commend people of merits to be followed by a variety of events such as ‘pop-corn’ performance by children’s cheer leaders, music concert, and deep-water tasting.

In further celebration of the 16th Anniversary, they will hold various events at major Korean ports and at major Korean seaside beaches across the nation such as building the models of ship and lighthouse and tour to a ship.

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