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Former VM Kwon Do-youp nominated Minister for MLTM
Wednesday, May 11, 2011, 08:55:33 Paul Yoon

Kwon Do-youp, a former first vice minister (VM), Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs (MLTM) has been nominated the next minister for MLTM.

President Lee Myung-bak said that in order to give new life and fresh climate to the depressed public offices, he nominated Kwon do-youp, the former VM, as minister for MLTM, Bahk Jaewan, a former labor minister, as minister of Strategy and Finance, Suh Kyu-yong, a former VM of Agriculture and Forestry, as Minister of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Yoo Young-sook, a vice president and senior researcher of Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) as minister of Environment, and Lee Chae-pil, current VM, Ministry of Employment and Labor (MEL), as minister of MEL, effective as of May 6, as recommended by the Prime Minister.

The former VM Kwon Do-youp, MLTM-nominee, is an expert official on housing affairs who took the head-post of Housing Division and acted as Director General for Housing Affairs in Ministry of Construction and Transport (MCT), has been recommended minister-nominee for MLTM in succession to Chung Jong-Hwan, the incumbent minister for MLTM, on expectations of his pivotal role-play in settlement of housing problems.

Cheong Wa Dae said that Mr. Kwon, MLTM-nominee, is expected to best complete large scale national projects in future as scheduled including Four Rivers Development Project the government is focusing on as he has shown both professionalism and driving force in handling land and housing affairs, and that he is judged the right man to upgrade housing environments through stable supplies of houses and to find new solutions to the various housing problems particularly for low-income people.

Mr. Kwon, MLTM-nominee, was born in 1953 aged 57 at Euisung, Gyeongbuk Province. He went to Kyunggi High School and majored in Civil Engineering in Seoul National University (SNU), and in civil service at Graduate School of Public Administration, SNU, and he had further studied Public Administration at Graduate School of Syracuse University, USA. Thereafter he went into public service, passing the 21st Higher Civil Service Examination.

He started civil service, assuming an officer post in deliberation of New Town Development in the Ministry of Construction (MC), and held several key posts including Land Policy Div. Director General (DG), Housing Div. DG and Public Relation Division DG and assistant VM in MCT. And he finally made the first VM in MLTM. Starting his civil service in construction sector, he is deemed to have acquired deep experiences with transport as president of Korea Expressway Corp., state-run, before he was appointed the first VM of MLTM.

As majored in civil engineering and public administration, he is highly praised as a leader of consilience versed in engineering and civil service. Following the earlier merger of other ministries with MLTM, he has done his excellent job as the first VM, so he is deemed as the right man to smoothly address the various pending issues including Four River Development Project, real estates and the move of civil service offices.

Kwon Do-youp, MLTM-nominee, is expected to display his best ability in sorting out MLTM’s most pressing problems of house shortage and of jumping house rental deposit on the strength of his diverse experiences of 30 years since 1979 in the fields of construction and transport with the previous MC and MCT in which he has assumed several key posts responsible for land, construction, housing and city development.

Mr. Kwon, MLTM-nominee, is also reputed faithful to the principle and reasonable in conducting business. In particular, he is gentle, and he usually tries hard to make best communication with his staff members, attentively listening to their recommendation. His MLTM-nomination is well received by them as he enjoys their high esteem and confidence because he emphasizes integrity of a civil servant as the cardinal virtue, personally putting it into practice.

Meantime Mr. Kwon, the nominee, is to go through a parliamentary hearing to confirm the minister appointment for MLTM as scheduled during this May.

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