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"PO Shipping to grow China flagship carrier"
Interview : Young Sun Kim, president of POSK
Tuesday, April 12, 2011, 13:44:13 Paul Yoon
“Hainan P O Shipping (P O Shipping) has grown on the back of the networks of Southern China and South East Asia as well as of North America and the Pacific basin service. P O Shipping is expected to take a big leap to become one of the ten major global players by opening Europe service soonest. On the scale of China, at least five major Chinese shipping players would be considered not too many. P O Shipping will grow global as the China’s flagship carrier after China Shipping and COSCO.”

President Young Sun Kim (YS Kim) of P O Shipping Korea (POSK), the Korean subsidiary of Hainan POS, looked ahead of P O Shipping’s potentiality in future as said above. P O Shipping, a giant both in international freight forwarding and international shipping agency, which was established and is state-owned by Hainan Yangpu Economic Development Zone, has set up dozens of joint ventures and wholly owned branches and subsidiaries in USA, Australia and Hong Kong, Shanghai, Ningbo, Tianjin, Yingkou, Dalian, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Yangpu and other major ports along the Chinese coast. P O Shipping, which is providing trans-pacific shipping service starting from southern China to USA, has launched a regular Korean service, calling at Busan on Apr. 1.

“Transpacific service is a cut-throat competition. In particular, the China trade is not as much as before, and the Korea trade is also much reduced as a lot of Korean manufacturers have moved their operation overseas from Korea. This makes keen freight competition inevitable on Korea-North America service. Now that P O Shipping has opened its new service from Korea to North America, we should be competitive to a certain extent. But we have no intention to compete with others by cutting freight at all cost to merely make inroads into Korean market or increase Korean market share. As P O Shipping has yet to prove its service reliability for North America, it will provide a unique service satisfactory to clients on the strength of its competitiveness P O Shipping alone can offer.”

The greatest advantages P O Shipping offers are its expeditious transport and precise transit time and network. First, the transit time takes 11 days which is faster than that of others. In addition, the arrival of cargo at destination falls on normal working days during the week, and the cargo receiver can pick it up or proceed with the follow-up transport, avoiding weekend. Above all, P O Shipping has already built up its service networks in North America, through which it can unfold the smooth distribution flow. So the competitive power of P O Shipping is the faster, the more efficient and the more competitive service it can offer than others.”

President YS Kim said that P O Shipping’s calling at Busan on Apr. 1 this time carries big significance for Busan Port.

“Busan is the last leg of our service. P O Shipping is based on the southern China and has network covering direct service between Hainan Province and South East Asia. But its final target is to grow as the global carrier to cover the world-wide service. In this respect, it is deemed necessary to have the hub port of North East Asia. Busan is the most suitable port for transshipment to deal with cargoes from North China. Busan is the last leg of our service, which proves P O Shipping’s recognition of the potentiality Busan Port has.”

President YS Kim is a professional shipping hand who has experienced shipping for over 30 years since he entered shipping business in 1981. He started shipping in US Line in 1981. He was one of the members to open a subsidiary of Sea Land in Korea in 1988. Since then, he has worked in Maersk Sealand as a shipping expert on North America service.
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