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DSME Selects NAPA Steel to Transform Ship Design Processes
Tuesday, February 06, 2018, 19:12:28 Maritime Press

Leading maritime software, services and data analysis provider NAPA has announced that DSME, one of the world’s leading shipyards, has selected 3D model-based NAPA Steel software to streamline design processes and meet the needs of 21 century naval architects and structure designers.

DSME chose NAPA Steel thanks to itstransformativeeffectontheshipdesignprocess , following an extensive benchmarking process involving multiple vendors. DSME will use the software at both the early stages, where changes are frequent and designs must be changed rapidly – and detail stages, where reliability and usability are paramount.

By providing an interactive 3D structural modelling interface, NAPA Steel allows users to create a single 3D design for the whole vessel, which can be used throughout the design process. Using a single 3D model, multiple designers can collaborate on a single design, and make changes more easily. Having single source of design information in turn makes creation of drawings, analysis models and various checks more efficient . Changes are synchronised throughout the design, reducing the risk of error at both initial and detailed design stages.

Because NAPA Steel integrates seamlessly with production design and class software, naval architects can then use the same model throughout the process of multiple class society rule checks, at stages such as plan approval drawings, FE (Finite Element) model generation, and weight calculations. This means that design time can be reduced by up to 30%.

A DSME official said:  “The selection of NAPA Steel marks the beginning of an exciting new phase for our designers. It’s essential that we have the right tools for the job to compete in a market where designers need to react faster than ever in response to complex demands from owners, class societies and international regulators as they create the ships of the future. NAPA Steel gives us the speed, usability and confidence that our designers need to stay at the leading edge.”

A NAPA official said: “The selection of NAPA Steel by yet another world leading shipyard is evidence of a paradigm shift occurring in vessel design. Using 3D models not only speeds up the process of ship design – it also creates software that is easy to learn, fun to use, and unlocks potential for innovation through collaboration at all stages.”

At the same time, it lays the basis for 3D model-based approval processes. Expanding the user base of NAPA Steel to these engineers shows that this is the direction that structure design is heading – and that we are ready to meet that need.”

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