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“Incheon Port aims to open an era for 3.50m teu annual throughput”
New President Nam Bong-Hyun takes office
Tuesday, February 07, 2017, 23:13:04 Paul Yoon
Nam Bong-Hyun, former director general for Planning & Coordination Office in MOF (Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries), took office on the morning of Feb. 6 as 5th President of IPA (Incheon Port Authority), kicking off his new job.

In an inaugural greeting address, new President Nam said of his ambitions: “I feel great responsibility, taking a new post of IPA’s president at a turning point when Incheon Port is facing a new leap. I will make all my efforts to grow and develop IPA.”

In particular, President Nam unveiled medium-and long-term vision for IPA, projecting ‘Incheon Port as Logistics Hub for Rim of the Yellow Sea, for Seoul Metropolitan Logistics Hub and Mecca Port for Oceans Tourists’. He also revealed his medium-term target to hit annual container throughput of 3.50 million teu along with annual passenger traffic of 2.50 tourists by 2020.

To this end, President Nam stressed the following priority tasks for Incheon Port: △early expansion in the port infrastructure and reorganization in the harbor function △upgrading oceans tour infrastructure and oceans service △securing future growth engine △re-creation of city-friendly harbor. He added, all of the IPA employees should whole-heartedly work together to achieve the suggested target.

Emphasizing the preparation of expansion in the port infrastructure and of the port specialization plan, he spoke of upgrading Incheon Newport’s infrastructure. For this purpose, he said, “We will aggressively discus with the government about preliminary feasibility assessment on Anam Logistics Complex-2, about fixing total project cost for Newport hinterland and about building an access road to 2nd Incheon Beltway, in persuasive way.”

Not only to secure an edge in Incheon Newport, but also to establish a plan to specialize the role of the incumbent ports including South Port, Internal Harbor and North Port in Inchon, he emphatically said that he would push ahead with Incheon Port’s overall balanced development.

President Nam continued: “Cruising Terminal now under construction at New International Passenger Terminal (IPT) will be completed by next year. Upon successful completion of IPT by 2019 including its infrastructure as part of Golden Harbor Project, we will bring up Incheon Port as a top-class ocean touring mecca port.” He added that he would early redevelop Incheon’s Inner Harbor to fulfill one of Incheon citizens’ long-cherished dreams.

Expanding infrastructure and upgrading logistics service in Incheon Port as a fast follower of advanced ports, IPA should take the lead in new business model as the first mover, President Nam stressed.

To this end, IPA should study construction of logistics service cluster generating high-added value in a move to attract global logistics players so that Incheon Port can secure new future business, President Nam said. He also revealed that during his term he would achieve the construction of logistics cluster for freezing and refrigeration including R&D cluster for vehicles by using eco-friendly technologies and IOT.

In addition President Nam called for employees’ thorough risks management. Amid the ongoing domestic and overseas economic uncertainty, it is top-important to strengthen financial health above all, and all his employees should do their best to implement the plan to intensively reduce the port’s debts, he said.

“IPA is a special model of enterprise handling public and private affairs at the same time. Hence it should aim at creating shared value as one of its targets. We will attentively listen to the louder voice of Incheon habor players and its Incheon communities and cooperate in good communication with them for win-win growth and development,” President Nam emphasized.
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