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“Provide best shipping service to Korean shippers”
Interview/Capt. Gh. Zahmatkesh, President of Compass Maritime
Friday, May 20, 2016, 16:34:00 Paul Yoon ckyoon7@paran.com

▲ Gh. Zahmatkesh, President of Compass Maritime
IRISL reopens direct shipping service to S.Korea-Iran from May 21

“We are pleased to provide direct shipping service again to Korean shippers in four years and six months. We will make efforts to offer best service as scheduled. We wish to convey our heart-felt thanks to our customers who have trusted and supported IRISL especially in difficult times. We will never forget them. Many thanks indeed.”

Gh. Zahmatkesh, President of Compass Maritime Co., Ltd., Iranian general shipping agent in Korea,unveiled his feeling about the reopened service to Iran from S. Korea as above in an interview with Maritime Press on last May 16. Compass Maritime has played a role of representative office on behalf of IRISL Korea since last 2008 when IRISL had suspended its shipping service to S. Korea due to economic sanctions against Iran.

Albeit its inability to conduct actual business due to the economic sanctions, Company Maritime has been gearing up for the reopening of IRISL’s service by maintaining minimum office manpower in S. Korea in sustained touch with S. Korea’s major shipping players and others. S. Korea-Iran container liner service reopening by IRISL within 4 months from last Jan. 16 of the economic sanctions against Iran lifted is attributed to the existence of Compass Maritime.

President Zahmatkesh has his shipping career of 16 years as a master tied with IRISL Group onboard tankers, bulkers, passenger ships and containerships, and has joined the Group since Feb. 2014 in preparation for the reopening of its service.

He said: “S. Korea’s major shippers such as Samsung, LG, SK Network and others have called for the reopening of shipping service between S. Korea and Iran upon the lift of the economic sanctions against Iran. It’s a pleasure to reopen the service in quick response to the Korean shippers’ needs. We will comply with the diversified logistics needs called upon by Korean shippers, normalizing the container liner service which IRISL has provided prior to the economic sanctions against Iran, as well as the break bulk service.”

The Asia-Iran service, reopened in 4 years and 6 months from the economic sanctions, is provided by expansion of the incumbent HDM service between Iran and China which has been solely sustained during the sanctions. IRISL will deploy a total of 7 containerships of 5,000~7,000teu class on HDM serviceextended to Bandar Abbas-Asaluyeh-Qingdau-Tianjin-Lianyun-Gwangyang-Busan-Shanghai in a geographic order on a weekly service.

IRISL’s 1st official scheduled service is provided by ‘Shabdis’, a containership of 6,500teu class calling at Gwangyang Port on May 21. On last Feb. 22, ‘Touska’ of 5,100teu class called at Busan, and on May 13, Basht of 5,100teu class called at Gwangyang, both to offload empty containers as the groundwork in preparation to reopen the container liner service.

Apart from S. Korea service, IRISL is moving at a swift pace to rebuild its world-wide container liner service network. It has reopened its service to S. Korea by expanding HDM service covering the Middle East and Northeast Asia, while simultaneously reopening SCP and ISC service to cover Southeast Asia linked with India, Singapore, South China and Taiwan, along with SAS and SCY service to cover East Africa including Tanzania and Kenya, and ECL service to deal with EU linking Felixtowe-Hamburg-Antwerp.

IRISL is reopening its shipping service simultaneously world-wide, and particularly pushing for mega containership newbuilding projects to level up North Asia service. President Zahmatkesh added, citing: “IRISL owns a fleet of 165 vessels at present, world-ranked 22nd in tonnage. It is driving the newbuilding projects for about forty ships including four 14,500teu containerships, ten tankers and ten bulkers respectively in a move to fully reopen its shipping service in the wake of the sanctions lifted against Iran.

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